Why Retro?

In a world full of PS3’s with more processing power than most home computers and graphics cards that are more potent than a shot of pure Everclear, it’s no  wonder that people like to play video games. Although there are many wonderful games out there, many of these ‘Next Gen’ games lack the true gaming spirit that the legendary machines like the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis had. Sure, we couldn’t walk around in a full 3D movie but that wasn’t the point, we were in it to kill some time and burn our televisions out with the phrase “pause” as we poured over countless manuals and survival guides. This was RETRO gaming!

That is what I hope to relive, the spirit of retro games. I will be showcasing various old school systems and their games, offering unique facts and even old magazine scans if I can find them. If you remember when Mario was pixelated and broke blocks open with what looked like an “S” more than a “?”. Or, if you recall how awesome it was when ToeJam said “Dude!” to Earl then THIS is your place.

So pull up a chair and journey through the world of games that are old enough to have a family and a large 401K to retire on if they so chose. They still remember when you couldn’t use a CD cleaner to make them do their job. No sir-ee! You had to blow on those cartridges until you were blue in the face but it was worth it to play the golden-colored game cartridge that housed Link, Zelda, and Gannon long before he became a mad scientist who somehow got morphed into a pig but secretly loved Zelda’s mom. Nope, this is back when you braved through a skull shaped dungeon to find a giant pig-man waiting on you!

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