What about…?

Okay, I like the site but what about the specs or posts on… 3DO or on the (insert other obscure system), are you going to talk about that?

That is something that bears consideration. While I will definitely devote some other time for such systems as the ill-fated 3DO, and discuss more detail on the system that would’ve been awesome – The Sega DreamCast – I did not specifically notate these because I don’t know how often I will have anyhing interesting to post about these systems and as such, there will be no need to dedicate an entire page to them.

By all means, if you as a reader, see a system that you played with at one time and would like to see it discussed, let me know. I have already found a few consoles that were very unique and that I had forgotten about and am sure that there are several other consoles I have played on. The biggest challenge will be determining whether or not I have actually heard of and/or played it. In my early to mid teens, I rented several strange and unique game systems with my limited funds and it gave me alot of variety but I certainly have not played every system there is to be played.

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