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Patience is a virtue

Hello my retro lovers, I deeply apologize for my near nonexistence recently. I started the RGB and I will keep it going. However, the demands of homework, regular work, and housework make my time to put together a quality post. However, I am nearing the end of my current sub term at college, it will end in 2 weeks. After that I will have 10 glorious days of free time to post and perhaps even see some carbon based lifeforms outside of my home.

In the meantime, I have been watching “Captain N: The Game Master” on my full series DVD collection. You can bet your Nintendo Zapper that I will be posting about it next. So please be patient as I finish up class work and prepare for a brief break.

Ta ta for now!

Hooking up the cables…

Woah! Hold on there! Unlike your PS3 with it’s direct connection to your HDTV, hooking up theses old systems took more adapters than that. This site is the same way, it will be up and running soon as long as the box has all the parts and as long as they didn’t accidentally pack a Japanese power plug.

Seriously though, this place will be hopping soon, it just takes some time! Your patience is greatly appreciated.