Why Not Playstation?

A question I have been asked by some is “Are you going to talk about Playstation games?” Considering that the only system that is even slightly old and still well known by some folks is the Sony PlayStation, this is a perfectly logical question. The short answer is “Yes, but very slightly.” You see, I have a Playstation 2 at my house alongside my Wii and I can pop any Playstation game in there, pull out my control and start playing the games just like it was yesterday.

However, the same cannot necessarily be said of, say, a TurboGrafx16. Sure, I can fire up the Wii Virtual Console, and plug in my classic control to play some TGX16 games but only in emulated form. This is a retro gaming website and as such, if I can easily play the machine without emulation software then it will not really be old enough to be considered retro. I won’t focus much on Playstation games but you very well might see a post or two, especially if we are talking about a first generation PS1 game and even moreso if it is obscure or hard to find.

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