Honorable Mentions

Although the RGB site will focus mostly on NES, SNES, and occasional Playstation games, there are many interesting consoles that never really made it into the console wars during RGB’s heyday. I have done my best to collect them here. These are the machines that are NOT QUITE retro or fall outside of the scope of this page.

  1. Nintendo Game Boy Series
  2. The Phillips CD-Interactive (CD-i)
  3. Panasonic 3DO
  4. Sega Dreamcast
  5. Sony Playstation
Game Boy Series
US Release: Game Boy: July 1989
Game Boy Color: October 1998
Game Boy Advance: June 2001
Processor: Game Boy: 4.16 MHz Sharp LR35902 (Zilog-based CPU)
Game Boy Color: 8MHz Sharp LR35902 (Zilog-based CPU)
Game Boy Advance: 16.78 MHz ARM7TDMI
Memory: Game Boy: 8 KB Internal + 32 KB External
Game Boy Color: 32 KB + 16 KB VRAM
Game Boy Advance: 32 KB + 96 KB VRAM (onboard)
Video: Game Boy: 8KB Core, Monochromatic
Game Boy Color: Custom 2D Core, Chromatic
Game Boy Advance: Custom 2D Core
Audio: Game Boy: 2 Pulse Wave Generators, 1 PCM 4-bit Wave Sampler, 1 Noise Channel
Game Boy Color: 2 Square Wave Channels, 1 Wave Channel, 1 Noise Channel
Game Boy Advance: Dual 8-bit DAC

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Phillips CD-i
US Release: December 1991
Processor: 15.5 MHz 16/32B Bit CPU
Memory: 1 MB RAM
Video: SCC66470 GPU

16.1 Million Colors

MPEG1 Capability

Audio: MCD 221 ADPCM 8-Channel Sound

16 Bit Stereo

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Panasonic 3DO
US Release: October 1993
Processor: 32 Bit 12.5 MHz RISC CPU (ARM Processor)

Custom Math Co-Processor
Memory: 32KB onboard SRAM
2 MB Main RAM
Video: Dual video co-processors (CLIO and MADAM)
9-16 million pixels per second
Audio: 16 Bit Stereo Sound
44.1 kHz Sound Sampler
Custom 20 bit digital signal processor

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Sega Dreamcast
US Release: September 1999
Processor: 200 MHz 32-Bit Hitachi SH-4 RISC CPU
Memory: 16MB 64-Bit Video RAM
2MB System ROM
128KB Flash Memory
Video: On-die 128 Bit Vector GraphicsPower VR2 CLX2 Video Chipset
16.78 million colors (24 bit)
Audio: 64 Bit Yamaha Sound Processor32 Bit ARM7 RISC CPU coprocessor
64 channel PCM/ADPCM sampler
Additional Hardware: 56K Onboard Modem
Gigabyte Disc ROM (GD-ROM) at 12x

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Sony Playstation
US Release: December 1995
Processor: 33.8 MHz MIPS R3051 CPU
Memory: 2 MB Main RAM
4 KB Instruction Cache
Video: Sony Custom GPU with separate 2D and 3D processing cores
16.7 Million colors (24 bit color depth)
1 MB of Video RAM
Audio: 24 Channel ADPCM SPU
44.1 kHz Sample Rate
512 kB memory
Additional Hardware: CD-Rom XA2 Drive at 2X w/128KB buffer

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