Retro Hit List

Although RGB has a busy life and a gang of kids to take care of, he still finds the time to enjoy retro games. Are you curious about what RGB is doing next? What games is he playing? Will he review the game? Is he reviewing that game soon? That’s what this spot is for! Here is the list of games RGB is playing and what he plans on doing.

Currently playing:

  1. Breath of Fire – SNES (Review Upon Completion)
  2. Final Fantasy V – SNES DEJAP (Review has been completed)
  3. The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past – SNES (Review Upon Completion)

Queued Games:

  1. Chrono Cross – Playstation (Possible Review)
  2. Vandal Hearts – Playstation (Possible Review)
  3. Suikoden – Playstation (Definitely Review in the Future)

Brain Break Games (RGB Does for Fun)

  1. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 – Playstation 2
  2. Hereoes of Might and Magic V – PC

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