Zounds! Some Updates

Fans, I know it has been some time since my last real post. The reality is that life with twins plus becoming an online professor at a university for part time employment on top of my other requirements has made time really difficult. There have been a few updates, however.

First of all, I discovered after updating to the latest version of WordPress that my flickr embedded galleries no longer work. As a result I have rebuilt all but my SNES End Sequences using the new WordPress gallery tool. It’s a bit more particular to update the gallery than it was with Flickr but I have worked out the kinks and it’s smoother this way. The SNES ends will be up soon but you can still find them on Flickr.

Second, on a whim I did a one-shot play through of the NES version of Dragon Spirit and managed to beat it. It was pretty challenging, even in the NES format. I will hopefully scrape together a review for it soon. However, you can see the final boss and the End sequence right now if you head over to the Gallery.

Otherwise, enjoy the new year and keep checking back for the new reviews. After Dragon Spirit, I am thinking of tackling good Ol’ Earthbound. I guess we’ll see.


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