The Retro Gamer Gets Twitchy

Hello visitors! As usual, it’s been a while since I have posted. However, I have an important reason this time! As of the first day of January, I have begun streaming on! I have all the equipment once might need because my remote-only job uses a lot of video conferencing. I also have a pretty bomb laptop that I bought as a solid gaming machine and only barely started to use. All the stars have aligned and I launched:

On this new stream, I will mostly be playing newer video games thanks to XBox GamePass, but I will stream some retro games too. In fact, I actually streamed “Knights of the Round” with my kids the other day. I do not intend to make money off this (though some extra cash would be cool). Instead, I just want to have the joy of playing video games and chatting with other folks who like them. I would welcome you to subscribe to my channel, and I will likely be updating more things on this website to match the branding of my Twitch account.


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