Wow! A Year of Silence

Hello RGB fans! Wow, I can’t believe that the last time I posted here was over a year ago. Shows you how good I am at being a blogger (read “not good at all”). I have been gaming just as much but have not had much worth posting about. Recently, however, things have happened that warrant a post. I’ve moved!

You see, I spent the greater part of my life living in the OKC metro area, 15 years to be precise. There were good times and bad times, and I really did learn a lot about life as I matured there. It’s where my wife and I got married, it’s where we almost got divorced, it’s where we became parents – 5 times, it’s where I received my best paying jobs and where I was unceremoniously released from a company that did a major reduction in force (many years ago), it was even the place that I held my father’s hand as he died. But, as the old adage says, “the only thing that is constant in life is change”.

After working for a managerial role for a large university for 3 years, I started to become disillusioned with the place I called home. I watched as the state continued to shrink the funds for education in an already tight budget and witnessed the school in the city where my wife and I had our own dream home be reduced to 4 day school week, once again deny my special needs son the paraprofessional he desperately needed. I saw that my employer was not having any bigger budgets soon so my project would continue to be grossly underfunded and my salary (and the salaries of my staff) continue to stay flat. I started to look for new positions but found that I was making about as much as someone in my career could make if they remained in Oklahoma as no other positions had even comparable salaries. I started to look beyond the borders of my beloved home state and found a few. I was almost given a position in the Western Georgia/Eastern Alabama area. I had been pushed very high up the chain for a position in Pittsburgh. I had been considered for a position in Chicago. I had been considered for a position in Arizona, and even Austin, TX. However, the company that pursued me most actively was one in the Kansas City, MO area. Only 5 hours away from Oklahoma City.

After a few weeks of intense interviews, I decided that the position was the best I could get for the distance I needed to travel. Not to mention, it paid a pretty penny higher than my current role without the stress of the managerial role. My wife and I discussed it, agreed, and everything changed.

We now live in an affluent suburb of KCMO. I have gigabit internet. I have 1/3 of a basement for an office/studio/man cave. My children are in one of the top school districts in the entire USA (and the top one in this area), and we have a whole new city to explore. I wish I could say it has all been easy going but it has not. However, the tide has turned and things are looking good (for now at least). As my family and I get unpacked, organized, and find our rhythm in this new place, I hope to get more retro stuff out.

Some plans:

  • I’m playing Castlevania Symphony of the Night: XBox version so I’ll write a review of it
  • I’ve watched several “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube and may write my own soon enough
  • I am teaching my children how to play the old school games via emulators and my oldest already seems to have quite a flair for getting good at retro games

I also, have stepped down from teaching, at least for a bit. So that means I hope to have more time for my main job and of course… more time for gaming.

Hello Retro Fans!

It’s a wonderful beginning to spring in my part of the world. If there’s one thing that Spring makes me want to do, it’s SPEND MORE TIME INSIDE! Just Kidding (maybe not) but it is hotter during the day and with the high temperature in Spring reaching near all time highs, I shudder to think what the summer might be like. In any case, after spending a few months bouncing around from trying to play SWTOR with my critically low-speed (3 mbps on a good day) internet while my wife streams her Netflix and after spending another few months playing some highly modified Skyrim, I decided to take a break from all of that and return to… you guessed it… RETRO GAMES!

So what did I decide upon? Well, I normally do a yearly play through of Final Fantasy 2 (FF4 Japan) but honestly I have not done that in a few years. I almost did that but ultimately, I realized that I had only done one full play through of Final Fantasy 3 (FF6 in Japan) in recent memory so I decided to do it again. Ah… to walk through the 16-bit fields of snow toward Narshe in my MagiTek armor… what fun! Plus, in reviewing my site, I have never actually made an RGB style review of this game so I will do so when I am done.

At this point, I am only about 4 hours in to the game, I am about to finish all the ‘scenario’ quests after your crew flees Figaro Castle. I already did Locke’s scenario and Sabin’s scenario so now I just need to do the Edgar, Terra and Bannon scenario. I also am trying to develop some more of the characters that I usually don’t do much with (such as Gau and Gogo) to add a new spin. Of course, if any of you have played this epic game, you know it is VERY large and one of the most complex games of its time. Even the brief time I have spent in this world has reminded me of the greatness of this game and the series as a whole. I also am surprised to realize that I actually don’t remember as much of the story as I thought. Of course, I remember the key components: Empire, Returners, Terra, Espers, etc., but some of the finer points are still blurry. That’s a good thing, like having semi-fresh eyes.

On another note, I did something else to feed my retro soul. If you were a kid who grew up in the 90’s like me, you probably watched Mighy Morphin’ Power Rangers. I don’t know if you made it into Zeo, Dino Squad, Space Force, etc., but you probably at least remember: “Mastadon! Pterodactyl! Saber-Toothed Tiger! Triceratops! Tyrannosaurus! and Dragon Power!” You probably are also aware that Haim Saban is at it again and is planning on releasing a ‘darker and more adult-themed’ version of the Power Rangers for the movie coming out in a few days. I want to see this movie, have wanted to ever since I heard it was coming out and only moreso as I have watched trailers and researched it. I first decided to remind myself of the awesomeness of the original series (cheesy dialogue aside) by watching it over. I am almost done with Season 1.

However, I also remembered that a majority of the footage from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was initially drawn from “Kyuryu Sentai Zyuranger” (Kyuriyu SIN-tie JYU-rain-jer) which came out in Japan about a year prior to the show we saw. To my excitement, Shout Factory picked up the original series some years ago because of its impacts on pop culture. It was not available to watch on any standard streaming service I found, BUT my Amazon Prime account allowed me to pay $2.99 per month extra to access the “Shout Factory” Channel with… YOU GUESSED IT… Zyuranger! So I decided to watch it (subtitles and all).

Wow… the character that Rita Repulsa (the main bad guy in MMPR) is based off of, “Evil Witch Bandora” is FREAKING evil. WAY worse than Rita ever was. In that story, she’s the “most powerful force of darkness this world has ever known” and she makes you believe that. Not to mention, her assistants (that are loosely used in MMPR) are much more capable (though still annoying) than their MMPR counterparts. In almost every episode, Rit…err… Bandora, always has some children (like young kids.. like 10 and even younger) in danger. Not just kidnapping them… no… more like shrinking them into a miniature space shuttle that is locked in place with a time-triggered IRON MACE BALL ready to drop and crush them if the Pow…I mean… Zyurangers don’t save them in time. Oh and that other kid who SHE TURNS TO STONE BECAUSE SHE IS EVIL is also a good example. I can imagine being a Japanese child in that era and literally being scared to death of Bandora.

Also, the rangers themselves are much less one-dimensional than their American counterparts (though only slightly). They represent 5 different tribes of prehistoric dino-worshiping people each with their respective creature of power… you guessed it: a Mammoth, a Pterodactyl, a Saber-Tooth Tiger, a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus (I have not yet gotten to the Green Ranger story). Each ranger was frozen for “170 million years” so they could defend the Earth when Bandora rose again. They appear to have no stupid high school drama to deal with (dude… they missed like… a ton of reunions) but also seem very much content to just sort of hang out with “Mysterious Sage Barza” (their version of Zordon but without the stupid “Ay yi yi yi” of Alpha 5) in his magical palace until they need to go fight Bandora’s baddies. I have only seen them do a few ‘non-fighting’ scenes so far but they appear to have at least some inkling of depth.

In any case, I am actually excited to learn how their story diverges from the story I know. I did figure out why Trini always looked ‘flat’ in her ranger suit. That’s because the Yellow Ranger in Zyuranger is actually a boy. He’s so much of a boy that his name is ACTUALLY ‘Boi’. Although the pink ranger is still a girl but her name is Mei and her favorite thing to do appears to be helping other people and saying “okay!” in perfect English when her ranger colleagues tell her to do something in Japanese. Barza is…well… strange. The verdict is still out on him.

See you guys later! I have watching and gaming to do!

Retro gamer fans, I hope you are all doing well on this fine election day in the US of A. I absolutely refuse to put any political stuff on my blog. However, you can always elect King Koopa or Medusa for president – you decide! However, if you are wanting a nice distraction from the election… how about this…

According to a story posted by GameZone and many other outlets, the Sega Genesis is back! Well… it will be back in June 2017.

The weird thing is that it’s not shipping from Japan… it’s shipping from Brazil! And before you go ape about it being a knock off product, it actually was blessed by Sega themselves! That means that the official console will actually serve as a release of a console that’s old enough to drink in the US! But why?

That’s an honest question! Turns out that TecToy, a Brazilian gadget shop makes lots of neat techie things and people are always asking about Sega. Why? It’s one of the most popular consoles in Brazil even 20+ years after release. How’s that for staying power? So, they concocted a way to make a new Genesis console and Sega blessed it. That’s pretty cool!

The new system should be using identical hardware to the original system with the only exception being that it will come with an SD slot to side load games. It comes with about 22 games out of the box. I am not yet sure if it will allow you to play ROMs by side loading them (provided you can still find a Sega ROM), but it might. Perhaps Sega will somehow relaunch their old titles with some agreement with TecToy but I have no details yet. It will allow you to play your old game cartridges if you still have them (sounds like we need to hunt a Vintage Stock or eBay list down).

The only caveat is that the new system comes with a $138 USD price tag. However, if you REALLY loved your Genesis and it broke somewhere down the line, you can probably start playing your Sonic and Tails with this spiffy console. Thanks TecToy for rekindling a much loved (though oft misunderstood) system.

RGB out!

Marking off another success in gaming

Hello fans, I know it’s been a long time since I have posted any material. Unfortunately it will continue to be that way for some time. I am working two full time jobs to help pay down debt, raising 5 kids, and only have a tiny speck of time to do much gaming these days. However, I am STILL gaming some, just not anything truly Retro.

What little video game time I have for the last several months, has been spent playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. I know, it’s an MMO and updated recently so it’s not technically retro either. Hence why I have not had much to say on it. I will say that one of the things I really admire about this game is that each individual class on each side (Republic and Sith) have VERY distinct story lines and the choices you make during those story lines can greatly impact what happens. The game is also fully voice acted… that means that EVERY interaction from the most insignificant person all the way up to endgame content is 100% voice acted and you only have to read the text if they are speaking in another language (which does happen). So far, I have a number of characters that I have created. My first is a Bounty Hunter (Sith) who I played as a truly neutral PC, he has just the same amount of dark side points and light side points (or very close). My second was a Republic Trooper (Republic) who is literally a goody two shoes and I have NEVER picked the dark side choice EVER. Then I have my Sith Warrior who’s…well… all dark side and it shows.

In case you don’t know, you reach a certain point (always in the ‘intro world’) where you have a choice to make in a conversation that can either grant you Dark Points or Light Points. Maybe the choice is to take an NPC hostage or to kill them; in that case, if you take them hostage you get light side points (LS) and if you chose to kill them, you get dark side points (DS). The more you pick one side or the other, the more your character leans towards a LS or DS alignment and, the more…well… unique some answers get. One of my main characters is a DS Sith Marauder (Advanced class of the Sith Warrior) meaning they are a warrior-type character with dual lightsabers. I decided to literally make this character evil as can be and I RARELY pick the LS option if ever. Early, one when asked to take a quest to annihilate a camp of enemies, I picked the “I will kill them all” option and my character says “There won’t be a heart left beating.” But after a number of times of picking this, she became..well.. to use the Doctor Who term… bananas. When I picked a similar answer later, she actually said “I can’t wait to gut them and dance in their entrails.” Yeah… she’s pretty cold-hearted. LOL.

My First In-Game Trophy

Anyway, I finally got my original character, Kayserento Karanthos, the bounty hunter (Officially Mercenary as an advanced class) to level 65 and through all of the original game content (there have been about 4 expansions since the game was released). He ended up being excessively wealth (over 2.5MIL credits since he always got lots of money and rarely spent it). He also was a true neutral but has leaned more toward LS than DS because of the influence of his…er… wife. That’s right, you can actually marry your companions in the game and the first companion your character ever gets is a cybernetically enhanced slicer named Mako. She is the ONLY girl companion your character gets in this class. I decided it would be interesting to try and win her over. Unfortunately, she is kind of tricky because she prefers you to do ‘Good’ and earn money (basically the conscience of an otherwise brutal career path). So that means that any time I picked a DS choice and she was with me, she would “disapprove” meaning I lose some influence with her and every time I picked an LS choice, she would “approve” and increase my influence. It wasn’t until I got to about level 35 that the game mechanics allowed me to pick the ‘Flirt’ option with her and the first time I did it, I failed miserably. However, I got to about level 60 and suddenly I had all these Flirt options. In the end, he asked her to marry him and she accepted. All of this RIGHT AFTER I completed the final story sequence of the original Bounty Hunter path.All of this is to say that I have officially completed an entire story for the game (the game does actually keep track of the stories you complete and gives you bonuses as you go) as a Bounty Hunter. Think of this like a trophy option on Playstation or something of that sort.

The Corrupted Bothrium Beast (aka $%*#*$*! die already!)

I did go ahead and complete the first expansion planet missions and ended up fighting A TOUGH boss. Now, MMO’s have been known to make the game easier as it has grown in population and it’s not much different in SWTOR. I NEVER went into a quest on the game fearing for my life… ever. Yes, I died a few times because of my haughtiness, but it was rare. However, the final boss of the first Advanced planet (the evil moon of Oricon) is a monster called the “Corrupted Bothrium Beast” and he basically is like a giant squid that has been shooting random tentacles up through the ground in Oricon (yes, you fight disembodied tentacles in this planet). The beast’s owners (creators?), the Dread Lords of the Sith, say he is unbeatable but I had heard this before (as an MMO hypes you up against certain bosses) and turned them into Swiss cheese (get it…bullets? swiss cheese?). But when I started fighting this beast (with my wife by my side), I noticed that no matter how much damage I was dealing him (think DPS on steroids), he kept healing! I could literally wipe out half of his life in a single barrage of attacks but then I would blink and it would be back at full. I must have fought this dude for 20 minutes and was about to throw my mouse in the floor (hey, it’s on my laptop and I don’t want to just chuck it in the floor) when I finally hopped on my phone and looked up the technique to beating him. This is the first boss I have faced that I actually had to follow a specific pattern to beat him. Turns out that he fires off an ability called “absorb” early in the fight and usually targets your companion (my wife in this case) so they keep getting their energy sucked out and given to him but since my companions are always set to ‘heal’ they never let themselves (or me) die. I had to use my mercenary’s ‘interrupt’ skill (one that I rarely had to use) to kill the Absorb. Then, I had to waylay the boss with damage and kill any tentacles it sprouts (which also heals it but at a faster rate). Yay! It actually worked! But it wasn’t easy. That dude can fire off his Absorb quicker than I can fire off my interrupt attack (5s cooldown on his versus 10s on mine) but I usually managed to get him before he got back to full health. After 45 minutes I finally beat him! The prize? Reputation with the planet’s denizens, a little bit of credits, and the Achievement of “The Beast Below” (twitch, twitch) and that’s when I killed them your honor! (J/K but MAN was that frustrating).

So now you have a taste of what I have been doing for the past several months. I plan on getting through a number of storylines in this game because they are all very good (or at least the ones I have done so far). I started a Smuggler (Republic) yesterday and already got him up to level 10 so he can become the advanced class of Gunslinger and keeping him mostly LS. I still have to get my Sith Marauder, level 41, through the rest of that content, but when I stopped playing her last is when my next quest took me to the planet of Quesh. Why? Because I hate this planet! It’s almost as bad as Nar Shadaa (usually the third planet your Sith visits after they go to the capital of Drumond Kaas and the third one your Republic visits after going to Coruscant respectively) which is ENDLESS and very difficult to get around in. I made it through Nar Shadaa with my Bounty Hunter (leveled him from about 20 to 35 before he left) and yet I kept having random story arcs that would call me back to that place repeatedly. Quesh is usually a place you only have to go to once but I hated the time I spent there because it’s all thick with toxic waste plants, has really powerful enemies just wandering around every. single. road. and the storyline there (at least for my Bounty Hunter) was boring. I will pick back up playing Quesh with my Sith Marauder soon but mostly because her companion Jasea Willsam is also bananas (she’s a LS Jedi companion that you can convince to join the DS and when she does, she loses her freaking mind and becomes a crazy murderous bitch) so watching the two interact with each other is highly entertaining as I will illustrate below:

Quest Giver: “If we cannot stop the Republic from powering the shield generators, the Empire will not be able to maintain control of this planet.

My DS Sith who is pretty evil: “I think we should kill them all.”

Jaesa: “Yes, Master, let’s make their blood rain from the skies”

DS Sith: “Perhaps we can just destroy the plant’s energy cores”

Jaesa: “Why? Then we can’t hear the enemies scream as we kill them mercilessly.”

DS Sith: “Would you enjoy that, Jaesa?”

Jaesa: “Only if I can drink some of their blood, my lord.”

Me (the guy controlling the game): “Holy crap! You need some help Jaesa.”

Yes… this is not EXACTLY what she says in the game but it’s pretty darn close. She is quite the opposite of my Sith Warrior’s other female companion, Vette who tends to be very similar to Mako and always wants her to do the ‘LS’ thing.

If you found this interesting, let me know in the comments and I might do a few more stories about this game. It’s still pretty shiny and new to me (only been playing it for about 6 months) but that interest may also fade in time. We’ll see.

Super Mario Bros 3 Animation just discovered

Hey fans! I am not sure if any of you guys are watching the same stuff I am but something totally awesome came up in the retro world! Evidently, a number of sources have mentioned that someone discovered an animation in Super Mario Brothers 3 that has never been seen before (or at least no one mentioned it). It’s just a testament to the fact that this game was highly revolutionary for its time that almost 30 years after it was released, people still find new things!

Anyway, if you played through the entire game of SMB3, you likely saw the rather interesting ‘suits’ that were made for this game that had not been seen before. Of course, the ‘Raccoon Tail’ Mario is something that has been seen the world over and was sort of copied in SMW on the SNES in the “cape”. This new power up allowed Mario to run then ‘fly’ above the world map for a certain period of time. Also, we met the “Frog Suit” Mario which turned Mario into a green frog and greatly facilitated getting through watery levels. You might have even seen the really weird “Tanooki Mario” which was kind of like a bear/raccoon suit that allowed you to well… turn into a statue for some reason. Last but not least, there was the “Hammer Suit” which turned Mario into an armored hero that could loft hammers at the Koopa Troopas – easily one of the most unusual forms of role reversal in the era. In this suit, if you pressed the “Down” arrow, Mario would go into a shell that could not be hurt but could also not be moved. If you were used to sliding down the angled slopes in the game and put this on, you would roll down the hilltop like a bowling ball but you could not slide.

Well, the gamer site “Kotaku” released a new tidbit. See, Nintendo thought of everything with this game. The developers of SMB3, at one time, asked themselves – what do we do if they are already sliding when they get this suit? Do they instantly turn into a shell? That could damage some players’ style of play. The answer was… nope… we’ll make a really weird animation that shows him sliding. Yup! Someone finally found this tidbit and posted it. So if you are playing SMB3, you can see Hammer Mario do a slide. Enjoy!










That’s it for now, RGB Out!

Finally Working on a New Game to Review

Hey everybody! I am enjoying the fact that I have one more month of free time (more or less) until I start teaching classes again. As a result, I am trying to play through an RPG that I have never played before. It took some tweaking, but I was finally able to get a Sega Genesis emulator to start working (WAY more complicated than an NES/SNES Emulator). I tried playing an old favorite of mine, Toe Jam and Earl, but I simply could not motivate myself. I took a bit of time to play through and beat Bastion (a newer RPG/Platform game on the PC) before delving back into the emulator world. Finally, I ended up selecting Phantasy Star II (Probably stylized form of “Fantasy” to avoid trying to cash in on the success of ANYTHING with Fantasy in it and avoid a lawsuit with Nintendo). It’s cool because it takes the old-school RPG into a space age world. I know that the series was hugely successful and even now there is an MMORPG series of the same name but it’s only available in Japan and some European markets.

So far the game has been fun to play, it’s definitely a unique system and I am still getting used to the way Sega did things with the Sega, Master System, CD System, 32X, etc and finding the right pieces to make it work but I am coming along. It’s a very different RPG, that’s for sure. Nothing like fighting battles with monsters on this weird, blue grid that looks like the cover of the Neuromancer book and having a character who cannot fight in my party – seriously – the girl character Nei is not capable of fighting – her whole purpose is to heal which is cool but weird. Anyway, I am still very early in the play through, only halfway through the first dungeon, but I hope that I can get more accustomed to the game’s controls and rhythm enough to finish it and write a review before my classes start.

Stay tuned!

Something Retro – Though Not Gamer

Hello everybody! I am actually at a pause before my next teaching session so I have a little free time. I hope to use it to play and review an old Sega Genesis game like Phantasy Star but I am not sure which one yet. Keep your eyes open for the review. In the meantime, I wanted to share something fun with you all that I picked up while browsing the interwebs.

I love watching the Fine Brothers’ videos because they always have some fun takes on popular culture. As far as I can recall, this is one of the first times I have seen them focus on a retro topic – especially one as near and dear to me as JNCOs. I have not been shy about admitting that I am a child from Generation X. I grew up playing Nintendo, watching SNICK (before the dumb “Club Nick Days”), loved MTV (back when it ACTUALLY SHOWED VIDEOS), had my fair share of Doc Martens (still do), flannels (my original is laying around somewhere), and of course… wearing JNCO jeans. Considering that JNCOs were so near and dear to my heart, I was not as pained as I thought I would be when I saw the teens reaction.

Let’s be honest, we didn’t NEED our jeans to be that big, that was not the point. When we wore these jeans, we felt like we had ample protection from whatever crazy issues we had to deal with as teens in the 90’s. I wore these jeans in almost all weather conditions and never felt like they were too hot or too cold. The pockets helped me keep my giant wallet with a chain on it (yes, I DID have one of those), it was lovingly referred to by my friends and family as “The Samsonite Wallet” and not only stored what little money I had but also served as a perfect weapon for whipping across a bully’s knees when the situation demanded it. I could store my cigarettes (thankfully I am an EX smoker now) and lighter in here and my teachers would never even know I had them on me – sure made it easy to grab a quick smoke between classes if I knew the path would be obscured from teachers or principals. I didn’t actually have a cellphone when I wore JNCOs, almost nobody did, but I could sure keep a TI-83 Calculator in there, a GameBoy (or other portable gaming device), and even my cordless phone when I was at the house. On at least 10 occasions, I placed an entire can of soda in those pockets. I have also placed Pop-Tarts, candy bars, napkins and (on a rare occasion) an entire jelly doughnut.  Ah! Those were the days!

The JNCO jeans had a few acceptable support items that you could wear with them. They included Doc Marten lace-ups (generally black or brown), AirWalks, Vans, and (for some) tennis shoes like Adidas and Nike. Shirts were usually simple T-shirts with some sort  of logo or graphic on them. I tended to wear band shirts (like 311, Insane Clown Posse, Kid Rock and others) or graphic tees such as my favorite shirt that was white with black collar and sleeve cuffs that simply said “Freak” on it. Oh, and let’s not forget the necklaces. Every dude had to have at least two necklaces at any given time. My favorite was my chain necklace that I fashioned out of a dog collar with large chain links connected in the back with three key rings and my dragon necklace which featured a cool chain and a sideways profile of a dragon. Occasionally I opted for an actual leather studded dog collar that was almost a choker but made me look freaking mean!

Okay, I have enjoyed my stroll down fashion memory lane! I hope you did as well. Beware that JNCOs are being brought back to the mainstream. Oh how I have waited for this day! I am first in line for the Stovepipes!

RGB Out!

Hey Retro Fans!

I try my best to not use my blog for advertising my other projects but this information is awesome for any retro gamers. I have not been quiet about the fact that Final Fantasy II is my favorite game/RPG of all time. One of the most memorable songs on the soundtrack is the one that plays at the title screen and in the “Crystal Rooms”. It’s a harp that plays rising and falling notes in a very pretty key. This song was named by its creator, Nobuo Uematsu, as “Prelude”.

At my DJ desk, I had been helping my daughter get the ropes of writing music by giving her sheet music and letting her play around in the studio. While she was working on Hot Cross Buns, I remembered that I had wanted to remix the FF Prelude song many years ago and I dug out my copy of the score. After a few days of working, I managed to create my own remix of this classic song. Here is the link. Tell me what you think!

Hope you enjoy it!

Hey there fans! It’s time for the second installment of “RGB Questions”. I was asked before what my favorite RPG of all time was and why. I answered with a glowing description of my favorite, Final Fantasy 4. I was recently asked by a good friend what the scariest retro gaming boss I have ever faced was and why. It did not take me long to figure out the answer…

1. Introduction
2. A Little Backstory
3. Why so Scary?
4. Conclusion


In my opinion, the scariest boss I have ever faced in a retro game is none other than Giygas from Earthbound.

Giygas - Earthbound (SNES)

Giygas – Earthbound (SNES)

Now, let me explain something about the way I read this question. Sometimes when someone asks this kind of question, they might be actually asking what boss is the TOUGHEST. If that were the case, it would be a tie between NeoExDeath from FF5 or Raglan from Skyblazer. However, they are NOWHERE near as scary as Giygas. Don’t worry, I will explain to you why… (Top)

A Little Backstory

So who or what is Giygas? Well, therein is a little story. You see, the creator of the the Mother series (Earthbound is technically Mother 2) is a man with amazing talents named Shigesato Itoi. Although Itoi has done a number of things in Japan, the only thing we would know of him in America is Earthbound. When Itoi was a little boy about 5 or 6, he went to a movie theater in Japan with his family to watch a family friendly movie. At some point during the movie, he got up and went to the bathroom and got lost on the way back to his theater. He accidentally walked in on ‘Kenpei to Barabara Shibijin’ (The Military Policeman and the Dismembered Beauty) in a scene where a character is being killed and thrown into the river. However, the young Itoi thought the scene was a rape scene and the sounds and words he heard from the character who was being killed (or raped in his mind) gave him horrible nightmares.

The entire game is extremely eerie in tone despite its rather cartoon like characters and happy-go-lucky music. But the last boss fight requires the characters to enter the “Nightmare” of the main character Ness to destroy the evil that is lurking there. Guess what nightmare that is? The nightmare of Itoi and the woman being killed. You work your way through several odd and scary nightmare scenes until you walk forward and meet the source of all evil… a psychic monstrosity known as Giygas. (Top)

Why so Scary?

He is scary for many reasons…

Well probably the scariest thing about him is that you CAN’T SEE HIM. He’s not invisible… oh no.. you just can’t see something psychic in nature. If you look at the image above, you will see a wavy background with crazy colors. THAT is what Giygas looks like in the game. The more damage you do to him, the more wild and crazy the image in the background becomes. It starts out as this eerie bluish red color with some weird figures waving in and out like they were a mirage from the ground. In the final stages of this battle the colors are dark red, black and orange and the images look more like a twisted demon face. Let’s take a close look. On the left, you will see a picture of a normal background in a battle (This one is the boss “Titan Ant”). Then, look to your left and see a closeup of the face in the background that is ‘Giygas’. Horrified yet?

earthboundbg1 giygascloseup

Secondarily… the music is INSANE! The entire game has a great track list with some awesome music that runs from rock and roll to deep techno music. The music in each section of the game is very organic and it fits the tone of the area you are in. Caves have a deep and hissing music track, some towns have happy music while others have sad music. The area LEADING UP to Giygas has NO music… just this creepy water dripping sound. When you finally face off against him, as you do more damage, the music gets crazier and crazier. It loops this creepy music that sounds like crying mixed with murder if you can imagine it. Sometimes the music will do a spinback (like old DJ’s did when they scratched a record and play a part over). By the time you beat Giygas, the music is dizzying, horrifying and makes you feel alone and sad.

Thirdly… is HOW you beat him. Now, different final bosses have some unique ways you have to fight them. Raglan from Skyblazer requires you to be a ‘firebird’ form or your character will do NO damage. You can actually get to Raglan without this power but he will kill you because you can’t hurt him. Or perhaps you remember Zemus (the first form of Zeromus from FF2), he won’t transform into Zeromus unless you use the “Power of the Crystals” on him. You can hit him all you like but it will do nothing. So what about Giygas? Well, you can have the greatest attack power in the whole game, complete every side quest, get every Psi power that you have and it WON’T TOUCH HIM. The only way that you can beat Giygas is to use the girl character, Paula’s “Pray” ability. That’s right… you can’t kill him, you have to pray until he goes away. Sure, you can strike him with your weapons and the game will act like it did damage but he doesn’t die. I have proven this fact. I actually setup an emulator on one of my computers, loaded the save state fighting Giygas, and set Ness (the main character) to attack on auto. I also used a cheat code to make him invincible. I left it running for THREE DAYS and he was still alive. That’s 72 hours of whacking Giygas and he STILL won’t die. It takes about 5 or 7 prayers for him to finally go away but if Paula ever dies and you can’t bring her back. Too bad… you will lose.

Lastly, Giygas uses more mental things to screw with the player than any other attack. And no, I am not talking about your characters in the game… he messes with YOU! First of all, as you can see from the image above, my HP meter is all whacked out looking. That’s not because of a bug. When you first fight Giygas he uses a weird technique to screw up your HP meter so you have NO IDEA how much damage he is dealing you. Also, he says horrible things to you like “It hurts, Ness.. why does it hurt?” or “why do I dream of my own death?” and the scariest one “Ness… don’t take me.” BLARGGH! You notice how two of the characters on that screen have this little eyeball with a line on it? That’s because these ‘attacks’ by Giygas saying creepy words MAKE YOUR CHARACTERS CRY. Add all of this stuff to the ever changing background and screwed up music and you feel like you need to cry in a corner for hours after you fight this dude. (Top)


So let’s recap… Giygas is EVERYTHING and NOTHING at the same time. He is only able to be killed by praying A LOT. He says horrifying things to you as you fight him and he is based off of the nightmares of a 5 year old boy who walked in on a murder scene in a movie. All of these things together are what make Giygas horrifying. I say MANY times when I face him “Ack! Stop it!” or “No more crazy music!” and I almost always say after I beat him.. “Wow… he is so horrifying.” So that’s why I feel that Giygas is the scariest retro enemy of all time. Not the hardest to beat (if you can deal with being mentally wounded while you fight him)but easily one of the scariest things I have ever faced. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go wash my skin with scalding water to get the evil off of me. RGB Out!(Top)

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