Updates! Updates! Everywhere!

Hey RGB fans! There has been lots of activitiy on the RGB site now that I am done with my Masters. I am still busily working at my review of Chrono Trigger and hope to be finished soon. But here are some other things that you might like to know!

1. A New Domain

After a lot of thought, I decided to move this site out of the darkseas subdomain and give it its own domain. Within the next few days, you can reach this site by going to http://www.RetroGamerBoy.com. You can still access it by the old URL but giving the site its own domain will make it more of a standalone blog instead of just a hobby blog. Hope you all meet me there!

2. Ask RGB

You guys will notice that I mentioned having a  request from Ask RGB about what my favorite game is. Well, that was from a different website that a friend of mine mentioned my site on. However, I have made it much easier to do that now! You can go to the Interactive menu at the top and select Ask RGB to ask a question.  You might see your question become a full blog post!

3. Get Social

Another thing you will find under the Interactive menu is the “Find RGB” page. This is pretty simple right now but will eventually get more detailed. This site has a link to follow my personal twitter account (might make a new twitter later). It has an email and some other things. Check it out.

4. The List

The last thing to check out is the “Hit List” under the Interactive menu. This shows you a list of games I am currently playing and whether or not I want to review them. If you asked me to review the game I will usually play it fresh so I have a fresh idea of the game in my mind. If you see it on my Currently Playing section or my Queue, that means I will get to it.

That’s all for now! RGB is outta here!


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