Final Fantasy V is Under Play.

If you check out the Retro Hit List, you will see that I have updated it. I was working my way through Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past for a bit but I got bored with it because of its dungeon-crawler like activity and limited storyline (outside of Gannon got Zelda and is trying to take over the world). I realized that I had never reviewed Final Fantasy 5 even though I very much enjoyed it when I played through it. I also realized that I kind of forgot most of the storyline since the last time I played it other than the main bad guy X-Death (yeah that is his name). So I decided to replay it.

I am now about 3/5 of the way through it (perhaps a bit further) and I am reminded of some of the cool things that made me like it (and some of the reasons I disliked it). As soon as I finish the game, I hope to have a yummy RGB review for you to enjoy. Until then, you ought to check out what is happening on my Music Blog as I have been very busy there. Enjoy! RGB out!


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