Surge Returns!

Wow! Here’s a retro throwback for you! According to The Verge, Surge is Back but only on Amazon. How does this relate to retro gaming? I can solve that problem easy! When you HAD to beat that new Final Fantasy before your buddies did and needed to pull an all-nighter…how did you survive? Easy! You drank a Surge or perhaps a Jolt! I used to keep cans of Surge around my house hidden in strategic locations. On one occasion, I went from the beginning to the end of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in ONE session thanks to Good Old Surge. Now, I know it is horribly bad for you but if you need that crazy caffeine jolt, grab one of these… 14 bucks for a 12 pack but beware, Amazon has already sold out of their supply once!

Now, if I can get that Crystal Pepsi Movement started on Facebook… *wanders off*


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