Super Mario Bros 3 Animation just discovered

Hey fans! I am not sure if any of you guys are watching the same stuff I am but something totally awesome came up in the retro world! Evidently, a number of sources have mentioned that someone discovered an animation in Super Mario Brothers 3 that has never been seen before (or at least no one mentioned it). It’s just a testament to the fact that this game was highly revolutionary for its time that almost 30 years after it was released, people still find new things!

Anyway, if you played through the entire game of SMB3, you likely saw the rather interesting ‘suits’ that were made for this game that had not been seen before. Of course, the ‘Raccoon Tail’ Mario is something that has been seen the world over and was sort of copied in SMW on the SNES in the “cape”. This new power up allowed Mario to run then ‘fly’ above the world map for a certain period of time. Also, we met the “Frog Suit” Mario which turned Mario into a green frog and greatly facilitated getting through watery levels. You might have even seen the really weird “Tanooki Mario” which was kind of like a bear/raccoon suit that allowed you to well… turn into a statue for some reason. Last but not least, there was the “Hammer Suit” which turned Mario into an armored hero that could loft hammers at the Koopa Troopas – easily one of the most unusual forms of role reversal in the era. In this suit, if you pressed the “Down” arrow, Mario would go into a shell that could not be hurt but could also not be moved. If you were used to sliding down the angled slopes in the game and put this on, you would roll down the hilltop like a bowling ball but you could not slide.

Well, the gamer site “Kotaku” released a new tidbit. See, Nintendo thought of everything with this game. The developers of SMB3, at one time, asked themselves – what do we do if they are already sliding when they get this suit? Do they instantly turn into a shell? That could damage some players’ style of play. The answer was… nope… we’ll make a really weird animation that shows him sliding. Yup! Someone finally found this tidbit and posted it. So if you are playing SMB3, you can see Hammer Mario do a slide. Enjoy!










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