Hello friends! I decided that since I am gaming but not doing much retro, it wouldn’t hurt to have a fun non-retro game post. I actually posted this information on the Sims 4 Reddit but decided to go ahead and post it here because it was a fun to write and many of you may not even have Reddit. So here we go, I hope you enjoy!

I wanted to share an interesting story I attempted to complete on The Sims 4. I wanted a story where my vampire character caused so many deaths that he became friends with Grim and eventually started a relationship. However, I wanted my Grim to be a female because I thought having a female Grim Reaper would be interesting. I had to use some cheats to do parts of it but not much.

Basically, I called an annoying neighbor over to my house in Strangeville. I locked the doors and used MCCC to “Kill Sim” (I let them die by laughter so it wasn’t brutal). As soon as Grim showed up, I used cheats to “Add to Family”. When that was done, I used cas.fulleditmode and had Grim go to the mirror and used “Change my Sim”.

Grim appeared as he always does with the cloak and such. I clicked the “Female” gender on him. The moment I did so, his/her “Grim” hair was removed and she looked much like a female version of the ‘unmasked Grim’ that people have posted all over the net. Darker skin, black hair that was braided in a bun over her head.

The female Grim Reaper, unmasked

When I returned to the game with this female Grim as a part of my house, she still had the reaper trait, smoke feet, etc. I changed her appearance to give her a hat that looks like the Egyptian Anubis head for her “hood” but the image is not the same. What can I say? I was trying to do this without any custom content.

This is…um…not quite what I was looking for.

I dug around in the wonderful Sims 4 mod world and found two custom content options. One by maimouth that makes the hood look more like a real hood with a slightly open face. I also found a hood by snaitf who made a package that makes the real “hair/hood” an actual hairstyle you can select. So, when I gave her this hair and she basically looks and acts like I would expect her to look and act.

The modified Grim Reaper with the custom content hair that works.

However, I still wanted one outfit where I could have her “remove her hood” as it were. After all, why be in a relationship with someone if you can’t ever actually see their face. I chose to modify her sleepwear and changed the hair to be the original hair she had when she was gender-changed. She switched into the t-shirt, sweatpants, and bare feet that I had selected, and approached the bed to sleep.

Female Grim with chosen sleepwear (it had to be all black.. right?)

But as soon as she laid down in her bed, her hood magically reappeared and I could not change it. Why on earth would she want to sleep with her face covered? I mean… she doesn’t actually sleep because she’s the grim reaper.

Female Grim won’t sleep without her hood…

I saved the game so I could do some tweaking and it was a good thing! As soon as I re-opened it, the save won’t load. I even disabled all the other mods and had no success. So I had a brief bit of time to experiment with the female Grim Reaper before it corrupted my file… c’est la vie.

I know that it is silly to experiment with things that aren’t supposed to work in The Sims 4 but I can’t believe that no one else has tried to do a ‘female Grim’ and didn’t post about whether or not it broke their game. I think it would be fascinating if a player could build up rapport with Grim and have him (or her) be able to remove the hood as a piece of their outfit without ruining the game. Another interesting idea would be if the Grim’s gender and even their face without the hood was completely random.

I decided that I wanted to try whatever steps I could to make the file work properly. So, I removed both custom content pieces and then loaded the save again. It took a while to load but finally worked. I took the grim “hair” off all but one outfit and it seems to work. The issue seems to happen when the “Grim Hair” is added to an outfit besides the reaper robe. Not sure if that matters but it worked for me.

I hope you enjoyed it!


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